Globalizing Gender

Creating a Gender Just World

Globalizing Gender

Who We Are

Globalizing Gender is a non-profit organization creating a gender just world by providing holistic strategies for organizations and governments through rule of law, advocacy, governance, technical assistance, education, and training through a culturally aware lens.

What We Do

Globalizing Gender does it differently and we think outside of the box and in community to develop coordinated solutions that stick. Sometimes this means that our approach is non-traditional, but that’s ok. Our work is designed to make impact on the communities its’ created in service of, which means it does not have to work for you or us, it needs to work for them!

Who We Are

The Zuna Group is our parent company that holds Globalizing Gender, Balm Rituals and our community and artistic programming together. As a benefit corporation, we get the opportunity to generate revenue for the direct purpose of creating a gender just world. So when working with us, you do not have to wonder or worry if your proceeds actually get to where they were anticipated, you know it! Every endeavor we engage in or initiative we create seeks to benefit those in need of our services because we can serve as a hybrid corporation of both for and non-profit endeavors better sustaining the work of gender justice and not leaving our work exposed the unpredictability of a sole non-profit structure.

Balm Rituals

Balm Rituals is a hand-made, whipped and poured aromatheraputic shea butter. Made with up to six essential oils: rose oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil, lemongrass oil, and CBD oil (optional), sales of Balm Rituals go to supporting our mission to create a gender just world. Under our benefit corporation status, Balm Rituals is one of ways we are able to employ a for-profit model for public good and smell great and feel even better in the process!!



How You Can Help

Globalizing Gender is always seeking the assistance of those committed to the creation of a gender-just world! Email us to learn more.

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information, ideas or suggestions.